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The DeRisQ Group is a Mumbai based risk management company. We use proven strategies to design reliable risk management programs tailored to meet the needs of specific individuals, groups, companies, and/or locations. We serve organizations throughout South Asia.

Expert risk assessment, hands-on management and trained staff backed up by state-of-the-art technology, risk management software and exceptional customer service is a hallmark of our Group. We take pride in our evaluation and implementation process, as well as our ability to respond to continuously changing needs as they arise.

Our goal is to not only meet our clients’ objectives but also to exceed their expectations. Our focus is on addressing the challenges of our clients who value the combination of our expertise, customer service and timely response.

We believe that real risk challenges require real solutions by competent professionals to curb counterfeiting, investigate fraud and provide intelligence to enterprises, mitigate people and property security risks and ensure our clients hire verified candidates.


DeRisQ's complete security solution includes protection of your intellectual property rights, providing business intelligence, conducting thorough background checks and investigating businesses for any liabilities. DeRisQ's Fraud Risk Management Services ensure that your company's reputation is always upheld. To maintain on-ground security, DeRisQ's provides your company with highly trained security personnel equipped to prevent and handle any situation. With DeRisQ's robust and comprehensive security services, you are assured of your business' trusted functioning and in turn, your clients' trust.

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