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Diligence Consulting

Specializing in white collar crime investigation Diligence Consulting is your business partner helping you set up strong fraud preventive controls, conduct complex fraud investigations for suspected/known frauds as well as helping you recover the fraud losses by facilitating the legal process.

About Diligence Consulting

Pressure, Opportunity and Rationalisation make the perfect recipe for an employee to commit a fraud. The aspirational society we all live in, increasing pressure to meet the numbers and diminishing
value system not only makes millennials but also high performing employees to commit a fraud.

Employee fraud is on the rise and invariably the other stakeholders such as third parties are hand-in glove! Diligence Consulting can help you unearth the facts.

Key Service Offerings

Employee Fraud Investigation

Be it a known fraud, whistle blower allegation, management suspicion or any other suspected employee fraud or misconduct, we can help you get to the facts of the matter, gather evidence, obtain confessions and also facilitate the financial recovery by assisting in the drafting of a complaint, filing of an FIR and pursuing the case with the police authorities to its logical conclusion.

Disk Imaging and Review

Using forensically sound tools, conduct laptop/mobile imaging of the suspected individual to get evidence of fraud through existing/deleted disk data and emails.

Market Intelligence

Conduct field-based inquiries to gather intelligence on suspected fraud, modus operandi, unearth assets of the fraudster, identify accomplices, nexus with third parties and additional evidence to support the matter under investigation.

Forensic Diagnostic Reviews

A dip-stick review (health check) of key business processes by conducting document and data review and limited investigative procedures. Focus remains on identifying fraud vulnerabilities and select instances of existing fraud, if any.

Fraud Risk Management

A detailed review of key business processes with an objective of identifying fraud vulnerabilities. Focus remains of performing transaction testing and checking existence and effectiveness of fraud preventive / detective controls and identifying residual fraud risks. This would follow with recommendations in form of additional controls and post implementation we would also ensure regular monitoring.

Senior Management Due Diligence

Gather field-based intelligence by interacting with close affiliates of the suspected employee. Further get information obtained through senior reliable sources. Marry findings noted with key information gathered from public domain.

Whistleblower Hotline

Stakeholders, be it employees, vendors, customers or any third party wanting to share any information around a fraud, can call on this hotline, run and maintained by us, exclusively for you. Our trained personnel ask the relevant questions to the whistleblower, which would facilitate a faster investigation, sieving out the false positives such as calls from disgruntled employees.

Why Clients Choose Diligence for Corporate Investigations

Diligence provides end-to-end investigation solutions while maintaining confidentiality

Diligence has the capabilities to offer:
  • Our national network of resources — we conduct business investigations pan-India, anytime
  • An ROI-driven approach to investigations — we protect and create value for our clients’ core businesses
  • Scalability — our services range from one-time or temporary, to long-term embedded personnel
  • In addition, Diligence agents are supported by cutting-edge intelligence and information technology to assist at every step of the investigation.