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EIPR is your one-stop destination to protect all your business interests from fraudulent sources. It is dedicated to providing your company with comprehensive preventive as well as curative solutions to minimize business risks & protect your intellectual property rights.

About EIPR

Counterfeiting can be the cause of failed companies, destruction of household names, failure of venture and loss of customers. The quality and result of counterfeit goods is getting better and better as new methods and equipment is becoming more readily available. Sometimes a company will produce counterfeit goods that are practically indistinguishable from the original product, although in the majority of cases a detailed look can reveal the forgery fairly easily. An Investigation carried out by an experienced private investigator can uncover a counterfeiting operation leading to legal action taken by law enforcement.

Counterfeit products pose a risk of “brand dilution”, which results in brands losing their premium status and their market niche. Ultimately, customers start to lose interest in the brand. Low-quality counterfeits can also harm the buyer’s health, which damages the brand’s reputation.


Market Surveys

Market surveys that are designed to give an insight into the availability of counterfeits within a particular market with clear definition of quality, quantity and price variants. Such a survey provides a starting point of an effective IP Program.

IPR Investigations

In-depth and accurate investigations to uncover counterfeiting operations ranging from retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and printers. Such investigations are backed with solid evidence and supported by a written report and samples of suspected counterfeit products.

Multi - Jurisdictional Raid Actions

Simultaneous raid actions and seizures across jurisdictions are conducted, to shut down counterfeit production lines and distribution channels.

Grey Market Evaluation

To compile and precisely analyse relevant data about counterfeiting and fraud from grey market situations.

Litigation Support

We provide intelligence support for administrative sanctions, civil lawsuits and private criminal prosecutions against counterfeiters.

Post Raid Activity

The counterfeit goods are seized, and the counterfeiter is handed over to the local law enforcement authorities. An FIR is lodged. Assistance is given during court hearings.

Tactical Publicity Campaigns

We assist in orchestrating public relations and publicity campaigns or events, to spotlight major infringements, significant arrests, and penalties suffered by infringers. The aim is to generate maximum pressure on authorities in the infringing country.

Permanent Monitoring

EIPR places your trademarks and brands on a 'watch-list' and alerts you to sightings of suspected counterfeit or grey market product.

EIPR Tracker

A unique real-time database which carries all relevant information of the work done for each client. Documents such as Raid Reports, Seizure Memos, Raid Photographs, court summons etc. are uploaded for easy and permanent access.

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EIPR has been a pioneer in the field of Intellectual property protection. We have been protecting IPR in the Indian market for the last 20 Years. We have served over 200 Clients from large corporate Firms to budding entrepreneurs.

The EIPR Advantage
  • Protecting IPR in the Indian Market for the past 20 Years
  • 13 Offices located strategically across South Asia
  • ROI Driven IP Programs
  • Capability to conduct cross border Investigations and raids