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Shaadi Verify

Matrimonial and Identity Fraud is detrimental when it comes to selecting a life-partner. To alleviate this problem that is growing at an exponential rate, our organization conducts thorough background verifications and investigations on the person you have already selected and wish to marry, so as to eliminate every doubt you may have about their credentials

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About Shaadi Verify

In India, arranged marriages still remain the majorly preferred way for Indians to enter into matrimony. In case of an arranged marriage, parents and other relatives decide on a life partner that they deem suitable for their child. Matrimonial websites offer a wider selection of choices compared to the traditional family contacts. However, the risk is vastly greater. Just believing a profile on a website is dangerous, as it is so easy to falsify details. Nobody l,ists negative attributes.

Shaadi Verify addresses all concerns with regard to a selected match. We verify the genuineness of the profile, so that you can marry with confidence.

Key Service Offerings

Financial Status

Financial Status Verification

A financial report indicating the kind of standing the individual has in terms of his finances, be it loans, payments, enquiries, income and tax paid. This would also include property addresses under the individual’s name

Court Verification

Court Cases

Court Verification would indicate any cases filed or lodged against the individual at all civil or criminal courts. Details of the petitioner, respondent, police station, FIR number etc. are obtained. Divorce cases are also unearthed, with details of the divorce settlement.

Employment Verification

Employment Verification

Confirmation of the Employer as well as designation of the individual

Affluence Verification

Affluence Verification

Classifying the residential area and locality of the individuals to ascertain the type of environment as well as the kind of people around and also the type of building or housing society.

Global Database Research

Global Database Search

  • • Criminal Records Database Checks – India
  • • Civil Litigation Database Checks – India
  • • Credit and Reputation Risk Database Checks – India 
  • • Serious and Organized Crimes - Database Checks Global
  • • Regulatory Authorities Database Checks – Global
  • • Regulatory Authorities Database Checks – Global
  • • Web and Media Searches

The Shaadi Verify Advantage...

Shaadi Verify ensures all vital details of a selected match are verified so that a lifelong commitment can be made with confidence

Shaadi Verify offers
  • Our pan-India network of resources
  • Cutting-edge intelligence and information technology
  • Key sources of information with timely delivery of reports
  • Accurate reports across multiple databases
  • Offerings vital to the understanding of a life-partner
  • Track Record of being a part of an expert investigation group