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Fraud Prevention & Detection Fraud Prevention & Detection
Fraud Prevention & Detection

Diligence Consulting

(D-Fraud) Fraud Prevention & Detection

Diligence Consulting LLP (D-Fraud) specializes in discreet white collar crime investigation. We unearth hard facts and recommend controls while maintaining highest level of confidentiality and discretion in our service.

Brand Protection Brand Protection
Brand Protection

EIPR India

(D-Forge) Brand Protection

EIPR India Pvt. Ltd. (D-Forge) has been a pioneer in the field of intellectual property protection in the South Asian market for more than 20 years.

  • Market Survey & Evaluation

    We carry out market surveys that are designed to give an insight into the availability of counterfeits
  • IPR Investigations

    We carry out in-depth and accurate investigations to uncover counterfeiting operations ranging from retailers & others
  • Multi-jurisdictional Raid & Post Raid Action

    We conduct simultaneous raid actions and seizures across jurisdictions to shut down counterfeit production lines and distribution channels
  • Tactical Publicity Campaign

    We assist in orchestrating public relations and publicity campaigns or events in order to spotlight major infringements
  • Litigation Support

    We provide litigation and intelligence support for administrative sanctions
  • Permanent Monitoring

    We place your trademarks and brands on a ‘watch-list’ and alert you to sightings of suspected counterfeit
Security & Facility Management Security & Facility Management
Security & Facility Management

Geekay Security Services

(D-Shield) Security & Facility Management

Geekay Security Services (D-Shield) focuses on providing exceptional security and facility management services to its clients. Our wide range of security services cater to individuals as well as organizations and our specialized facility management services support business properties and institutions.

Background Verification Background Verification
Background Verification

Integrity Verification Services

(D-Screen) Background Verification

Integrity Verification Services (D-Screen) has been a specialist in employee background screening and verification services since its inception. Our latest cutting-edge automation and AI technology provides real time access and a secured platform for background screening process management with highest efficiency, accuracy and lowest turn around time in the industry.

  • Employee Screening & Verification

    We are pushing the limits of perfection by innovating our in-house capabilities using technology and responsible AI to provide a reliable solution
  • Vendor Due Diligence

    An independent review generates un-biased insights and a confidence to onboard new vendors
  • Social Media Monitoring

    An organization needs to be vigilant and monitor the online social behavior of its employees to ensure that they are attuned to company’s ethics
  • Psychometric Testing

    Psychometric testing provides measurable indicators for intelligence levels, values & behavior
  • Exit Management

    We delve deeper into the cause of attrition, gather insights and identify conflict of interests
  • Staffing & Recruiting

    We also provide bespoke human resource and staffing solutions with end to end employee lifecycle management

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