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EIPR India Pvt. Ltd. (D-Forge) has been a pioneer in the field of intellectual property protection in the South Asian market for over 20 years. Counterfeiting poses a great threat to brands globally wherein they lose revenue, market share, brand reputation and eventually lose customers resulting in a failure of business as well as harming the health and well-being of end customers. We provide impactful solutions to predict, prevent and combat the menace of counterfeiting of your business’ brand, so that you may take care of your business while we take care of your prevalent risks
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  • Market Survey & Evaluation

    We carry out market surveys that give an insight into the availability of counterfeits within a particular market, with clear definitions of quality, quantity and price variants which provide a starting point for an effective IP protection program. Additionally, we compile and precisely analyze relevant data on counterfeiting and fraud prevalent in the grey market

  • IPR Investigations

    Upon identifying suspected locations, we carry out in-depth investigations to uncover counterfeiting operations of retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to printers and packagers. Such investigations are backed by hard evidence and data-driven reports and samples of the suspected counterfeit product.

  • Multi-jurisdictional Raid & Post Raid Action

    With the support of the local law enforcement, we conduct simultaneous raid actions and seizures across jurisdictions to shut down counterfeit production lines and distribution channels. The seized counterfeit goods and accused are taken into custody by the local law enforcement authorities. We then lodge a First Information report (FIR) on behalf of the client and offer further assistance during court hearings.

  • Tactical Publicity Campaign

    To effectively manage your brand’s reputation, we assist in orchestrating public relations, publicity campaigns and events in order to spotlight major infringements, significant arrests, and penalties suffered by infringers. Our objective with such campaigns is to apply maximum pressure on authorities in the region or country where infringements of IP rights have occurred.

  • Litigation Support

    Backed by years of experience, we provide litigation and intelligence support for administrative sanctions, civil lawsuits and private criminal prosecutions against counterfeiters.

  • Permanent Monitoring

    We place your trademarks and brands on a ‘watch-list’ and alert you to sightings of suspected counterfeit products being sold in the monitored area.

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