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(D-Fraud) Fraud Prevention & Detection
Diligence Consulting LLP (D-Fraud) specializes in discreet white collar crime investigation. Pressure, opportunity and rationalization make the perfect recipe for employees to commit fraud. We help you set up strong fraud preventive controls, conduct efficient fraud investigations for suspected or known frauds in your organization. By facilitating a robust legal process, we help you recover losses incurred due to the fraud. We unearth hard evidence and recommend controls whilst maintaining the highest level of confidentiality and discretion in our services.
Fraud Prevention & Detection Fraud Prevention & Detection
  • Due Diligence, Asset Tracing, Recovery

    Involving a third party in a business prior to proper due diligence is a disaster waiting to happen. To avoid this, we carry out stringent due diligence procedures before empaneling third parties. We also assist clients in tracing assets belonging to defaulters that could be attached to recover the sums.

  • Electronic Data Review

    In today’s digital age, there is always a trail of digital footprints on all user activities. Though faint, it can always be tracked. Suspects involved in frauds, use digital devices for their  activities at some point. We extract  the electronically stored data from suspect’s computers or mobile phones, review emails, user files and specific digital footprints to obtain sound evidence against their crimes.

  • Fraud Diagnostic & Risk Management

    To effectively manage risks emanating from fraud, it is important to undertake an accurate surveillance of the fraud climate in an organization to identify the nature and scope of the fraud. We carry out a thorough walk-through and forensic diagnostics of key processes, backed with documents and data reviews to identify fraud vulnerabilities and then recommend fraud control measures.

  • Employee Fraud Investigation

    Fraud by an employee of an organization is one of the most prevalent white-collar crimes in the corporate world today. To unearth its severity and the potential damage, we begin with investigating and finding facts on suspected or known fraud through data analysis, reviewing documents, sourcing intelligence, admission seeking interviews and finally proceeding with legal action against the accused.

  • Pre & Post Disbursement Checks

    It’s always advised to do a thorough check on the recipient of the disbursement, prior to the payment. We do detailed checks on KYC’s, validation of income documents, detailed profile checks of borrower and guarantors as well as creditors and debtors.

  • Mystery Shopping

    Employees or vendors perform fraudulent activities even while directly facing their customers, partners or third parties. To gather intel on their suspicious or fraudulent activities and whether they bypass documentation and standard operating procedures set by the regulators.

  • Senior Management / Third Party Due Diligence

    Due to the high power and freedom vested in senior management in an organization, some of them misuse and abuse it by getting involved in fraud, biased treatment of employees, mistreating subordinates, etc. This is against the ethics and values of an organization. We conduct discreet inquiries within the professional and social ecosystem of a candidate, employee or  third party to identify instances of compromised integrity or unethical practices that may hamper the brand name or the organization.


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