Terms & Conditions

General information


DeRisQ informs its users (hereinafter “user or users”) that it complies with current applicable regulations regarding Personal Data Protection, Confidentiality and Information Society Services and Ecommerce. Furthermore, DeRisQ has established behavior policies and measures regarding personal data protection, information society services, data security and confidentiality, aimed at fulfilling the obligations established in the aforementioned legal rules and in internal rules and regulations. DeRisQ has a manual which contains the internal rules and regulations framework on information security and confidentiality policies.


Treatment of personal data


Pursuant to the provisions of the law on Personal Data Protection and its implementing rules, when the user provides personal data, said data will be stored into an automated file, owned by and kept under the responsibility of DeRisQ. The files where data are stored are owned by DeRisQ. The aim of said files is to enable the rendering of the requested services through the correct identification of the users and to customize said requested services. Furthermore, said data is used to do statistical research in order to make improvements on the services provided, and to manage basic administrative tasks. Personal data will be collected through the pertinent forms, which will only contain the fields needed to render the service required by the user. The user declares that the data provided in the forms are true. The user will be the only one responsible in the case he provides false or inexact data and will be liable for the damage that said false data might cause to third parties and to DeRisQ. DeRisQ is authorized by the user to make use of said personal data and to process the data needed to render this service, keeping the right to delete all users’ data that fail to comply with the required criteria in each of the services rendered. Furthermore, DeRisQ is expressly authorized to transfer the provided data to its collaborating entities, provided said information is essential to informative aims. If the collected data were used for an end other than the one it was collected for, prior written consent of the interested parties will be required. The user authorizes DeRisQ to send publicity or information, commercial offers of the companies within DeRisQ and of third parties with which it maintains collaboration links, about products and services that may be of the user’s interest. DeRisQ has adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures in order to guarantee the security and integrity of the data, to avoid its alteration, loss and unauthorized access or treatment. DeRisQ will be able to disclose personal data and any other type of information about the user when required by judicial authorities or by public authorities in the exercise of legally conferred powers and in accordance with the applicable rules. Furthermore, the user expressly agrees that his/her data might be assigned for its treatment and in order to comply with the aforementioned aims, to other companies of DeRisQ, to companies in which DeRisQ or any of the companies of DeRisQ have a stake, or to other companies which execute cooperation agreements with DeRisQ. The companies that make up DeRisQ as well as the collaborating entities can be consulted at any moment by sending an email to the address info@derisq.com. Any other use of the personal data contained in the files, will require the prior consent of the user. The user may exercise his rights of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation pursuant to the provisions of law on the Protection of Personal Data, or simply consult or make a personal comment by sending an email to the following address info@derisq.com or by writing to DeRisQ.


Responsibility for access to the website


Access to the website and the use that can be made of the information and services contained therein is the exclusive responsibility of the person accessing the website. DeRisQ will not be liable for any consequences or damage derived from such access or the use of such information and/or services. DeRisQ is not liable for any security errors that may take place nor any possible damage to the user’s computing system (hardware or software), the files or documents stored therein, resulting from the presence of a virus on the user’s computer used to connect to the website’s services and contents, a malfunctioning of the browser or the use of old versions thereof. Access to the website entails no obligation on behalf of DeRisQ to control the absence of viruses, wormkits or any other harmful elements. It is the user’s responsibility to deploy adequate tools, means or systems to detect and disinfect harmful computing programmes. DeRisQ will not be liable for any damage caused to the user’s or a third party’s computing equipment during or as a result of accessing the website.


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