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Geekay Security Services (D-Shield) focuses on providing high quality security and facility management services to its clients. Our wide range of security services cater to individuals as well as organizations. Our specialized facility management services support business properties and institutions. All our services are delivered by professionals. We are a PSARA-2005 compliant company and stringently follow its training mandate. We are also the first in the industry to introduce the novel concept of Bus Marshals in India. Our Group Chairman - Dr. P. S. Pasricha, former D.G.P. of Maharashtra State, is well known for his expertise and rich experience in the security domain. His esteemed leadership provides the ability to deliver operational and service excellence.
Security & Facility Management Security & Facility Management
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  • Static Guarding

    Our trained static guards provide round the clock watch and ward services at our clients’ premises. They also serve as an early warning in case of perceived threat and significantly increase the chances of an early intervention.

  • Bus Marshals

    Safety is of paramount concern for every parent of a school going child. We have pioneered a unique concept of transport security developed to protect school children during their transit, from bully attacks, unsafe traffic conditions and anti-social elements.

  • Executive Protection & Vehicle Escort

    We mitigate the risk for VIPs and other high profile individuals by providing vehicular escorts as  close protection, to  ensure their safety.

  • Beat Patrols & Quick Reaction Teams

    Our beat patrols are highly trained professionals who can provide immediate assistance in case of an untoward  incident.

  • Help Line Desk & Security Advisories

    We are always reachable through our help line desks during times of need. 

    We regularly send out security advisories so that you never feel compromised on any security detail or its execution.

  • Facility Management

    Along with security, we also provide end to end maintenance, management and manpower solutions for facilities like cleaning and housekeeping services, engineering technical support services, equipment operations and maintenance services, property management, catering services and waste management services.

  • Security Risk Analysis, Survey & Audit

    We carry out detailed security audits to help you set up a robust security system of both manpower and electronic components.

  • Security Services for Event Management

    We provide comprehensive security solutions for events of every scale and size.

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