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Integrity Verification Services (D-Screen) has been a specialist in employee background screening and verification services since its inception. Over the years we have innovated ourselves, incorporating latest technologies and best practices and offering a comprehensive range of verification solutions across verticals and sectors, to provide clients with the best in-class solutions in the industry. Our latest  automation and AI technology provides real time access and a secured platform for efficient and accurate background screening process management with the lowest turnaround time in the industry.
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  • Employee Screening & Verification

    As pioneers in employee screening, we  push the limits to perfection by innovative in-house capabilities using technology and responsible AI to provide a  formidable first line of defence against the problem of a ‘bad hire’.

  • Vendor Due Diligence

    Vendors and suppliers play an equally important role in the success of a business, as do the employees. 

    Independent reviews generating un-biased insights and confidence in order to onboard new vendors and suppliers or continue with the existing ones.

  • Social Media Monitoring

    To best protect its reputation, an organization needs to be vigilant and monitor the online social behavior of its employees to ensure that they are attuned to the company’s ethics & code of conduct without breaking  trust. We discreetly monitor and solve this issue.

  • Psychometric Testing

    Interviews and screenings provide only a partial picture of a candidate’s overall capabilities and suitability. Psychometric testing provides  concrete, measurable indicators for intelligence, values & behaviour, giving deeper insights into one’s personality.

  • Exit Management

    Attrition is a costly affair for any organisation and possesses high risk if it arises due to conflict of interest. We delve into the cause of attrition, gather insights and identify conflicts of interest. We continue background checks, up to 45 days post the last day of the employee.

  • Staffing & Recruiting

    In addition to our verification services, we also provide bespoke human resources and staffing solutions with end-to-end employee lifecycle management. 

    This helps our clients scale manpower when in need without increasing head count in-house.

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